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Additional services at your disposal

Storage service
We have a secure room on the Left Bank to store your vehicle. Your car is:
  • 24/7 Accessible
  • Protected from the weather
  • Connected to a load holding device
  • The monthly cost is CHF 380 per seat.
Is your car damaged? You are going to sell it and don't know how to optimize your insurance.We guarantee you the best rates and a better optimization of your insurance policies.The outrun.ch team will support you in all the following steps:
  • Determination of repair costs to be borne by you
  • Claim Reporting and Deductible Assessment
  • Provision of a courtesy vehicle
  • Return of the vehicle within a maximum of 5 working days (per body part)
Contrary to our competitors, our staff is approved for painting but also for sheet metal work.
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Search for a vehicle
Are you looking for an exceptional vehicle, or simply want to pay the lowest possible price?Thanks to our expertise, we bring you a quality service for the following needs:
  • Offer of new vehicles with optimized fleet discounts
  • Vehicle importation (EU only)
  • Search for exceptional vehicles
Insurance for your vehicle
Thanks to our partners UNEO, Generali and Baloise Assurance, you are sure to benefit from the most coherent offer related to the purchase of your new vehicle.When you purchase a new vehicle, we undertake to provide you with an insurance offer within 24 hours.Sale of new and used vehicles:All our used vehicles include the following service package:
  • Expertise of less than 6 months or expertise of the day
  • Up-to-date annual maintenance
  • A minimum fuel charge of CHF 50.
  • Full load for electric vehicles
  • Motorway Vignette
  • Registration procedures
When purchasing a new vehicle, we are able to negotiate the most competitive fleet discounts from AMAG, Mercedes, BMW, etc. importers.
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Do you want to sell your vehicle?

We offer solutions for the repurchase of your used vehicle at the best price, and at the best conditions


Stay up to date with our latest news and vehicles

Stay up to date with our latest news and vehicles